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    LED Fluorescent Replacement Illumination

    LED Replacement Fluorescent Illumination is used to offer effective LED replacement options for a number of fluorescent illumination needs. LED Replacement Fluorescent Illumination contains a selection of LED illuminators including ring lights, backlights, spot lights, or line lights that make excellent replacements for similar fluorescent products. LED Replacement Fluorescent Illumination offers the benefits of LED lighting, such as its long lifespan, strobing capabilities, as well as increased color options, to fluorescent illumination applications.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of LED Replacement Fluorescent Illumination products suited for many fluorescent replacement needs. LED lighting is a highly effective, versatile illumination option that is useful in most illumination applications where fluorescent light is used. LED Replacement Fluorescent Illumination minimizes or removes many of the negative effects of using fluorescent illumination, such as replacing bulbs. A range of different colors are available as well for increased illumination capabilities or for specific substance lighting applications.

    LED Ring Light Illuminators
    • Large Inner Diameters for Easy Mounting
    • 6400K Color Temperature
    • Sectional Light Control and Polarizer/Analyzer Models Available

    Metaphase Technologies LED Backlights
    • 2X Brighter than Cold Cathode Fluorescent Backlights
    • No Warm-Up Time
    • Flicker-Free LED Illumination

    Metaphase Technologies LED Linear Lights
    • Perfect Replacement for Linear Fluorescent Lamps
    • Very Diffuse, Isotropic Output
    • 3X the Brightness of Typical Fluorescent Illumination

    Metaphase Technologies Wide Beam LED Spot Light
    • 6X Brighter than a 60W Incandescent Floodlight
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Flicker-Free LED Illumination


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