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The Future of Optics

Case Studies

Our customers create life-saving and world-changing innovations.
Scroll down to view real-world case studies showcasing Edmund Optics®
customers whose forward-thinking applications are enabled by optics.


Danfoss IXA

Danfoss logo

Case Study 1:
How Danfoss IXA and Edmund Optics are creating a Cleaner Environment

The future depends on monitoring and regulating air pollution, which is an essential step towards creating a cleaner environment

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Annidis Logo

Case Study 2:
Detecting Diseases of the Eye Using Multi-Spectral Imaging

Multi-Spectral Imaging Digital Ophthalmoscope from the Annidis Corporation Captures Data through the Retinal and Subretinal Layers

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Case Study 3:
Utilizing Deformable Mirrors for Precision Wavefront Correction

New Adaptive Optics Module from Iris AO, Inc. and Edmund Optics Makes Wavefront Correction Easy

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Case Study 4:
Non-Invasive In Vivo Imaging Using Fluorescent Microscopy

In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging from UVP has Important Implications for Cancer Research, Heart Disease, and Gene Therapy

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Forus Health

Case Study 5:
Eradicating Avoidable Blindness in the Developing World

Forus Health is Delivering Affordable Healthcare to the Developing World with Low-Cost, Portable Pre-Screening Ophthalmology

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