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TECHSPEC C-Mount Component Kit

  • Precision Mechanical Components
  • Ideal for Prototype Models

A complete kit of mechanical components for mounting optics and constructing basic optical instruments. Ideal for mounting the optics listed in our Optical Component Kit and our various Lens Kits. All items in kit can be found as individual components within our online catalog by following the links below.

Technical Information

Component Quantity Stock No.
5mm Extension Tube 2 #54-628
10mm Extension Tube 2 #54-629
15mm Extension Tube 1 #54-630
50mm Extension Tube 1 #54-632
100mm Extension Tube 1 #54-633
0.25mm Brass Spacer 1 #54-450
0.5mm Brass Spacer 1 #03-631
1.0mm Brass Spacer 1 #03-632
2.0mm Brass Spacer 1 #03-633
Fine Thread Focus Tube 1 #03-625
Double Female Threaded Ring 1 #03-630
Double Male Threaded Ring 1 #03-629
Iris Diaphragm 1 #03-623
Microscope Eyepiece Mount 1 #03-628
Microscope Objective Mount 1 #03-627
Thin Lens Mount- Holds 12mm Diameter 1 #54-615
Thin Lens Mount- Holds 12.5mm Diameter 1 #55-246
Thin Lens Mount- Holds 15mm Diameter 1 #54-616
Thick Lens Mount- Holds 12.5mm Diameter 1 #54-623
Thick Lens Mount- Holds 15mm Diameter 1 #54-624
Ring Mount with ¼-20 Tap 1 #52-930
C-Mount Cube Beamsplitter- 50R/50T 1 #54-823
C-Mount Plate Beamsplitter- 50R/50T 1 #54-824
C-Mount First Surface Mirror- Protected Aluminum 1 #54-825

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