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Schneider High Resolution Compact VIS-NIR Lenses

  • Up to 4/3", C-Mount Lens
  • Up to 5 MegaPixels, 3.45µm Pixel Size Sensors
  • Color Corrected for a Spectral Range of 400-1000nm
  • 23mm to 35mm Focal Length

These Schneider High Resolution VIS-NIR Lenses are optimized for high-resolution applications using 5 MegaPixel CCD and CMOS cameras with sensor sizes up to 2/3" or 4 MegaPixel cameras with 1.3" sensor sizes. These lenses can be used over the complete spectral sensitivity range without a focus difference. With fast f/#s and very good transmission due to their broadband coating, these lenses feature extremely bright and crips images over the entire spectral range from 400-1000nm. Features a robust mechanical design, lockable focus, lockable iris, and filter mount threads.

These lenses provide <2.5% geometric distortion, specified for a maximum sensor diagonal (±5.5mm) and lens focused at infinity.

Technical Information

Schneider High Resolution VIS-NIR Lens Dimensions
Stock No. A B C D
#64-763 38.9mm 3.80mm 8.71mm 31.5mm
#66-913 37.9mm 3.80mm 11.0mm 40.0mm
#66-914 59.9mm 4.1mm 3.2mm 31.5mm