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DA Fixed YAG Beam Expanders

DA Fixed YAG Beam Expanders
DA Fixed YAG Beam Expanders

TECHSPEC® DA Fixed YAG Beam Expanders

TECHSPEC DA Fixed YAG Beam Expanders

  • ╬╗/10 Transmitted Wavefront Error
  • Divergence Adjustment to Compensate for Input Beam Divergence
  • Designed for Nd:YAG Wavelengths
  • Fused Silica Substrate

TECHSPEC® DA (Divergence Adjustable) Fixed YAG Beam Expanders are designed for demanding laser applications including laser materials processing, medical, and research. These compact beam expanders are optimized at Nd:YAG wavelengths for high performance transmitted wavefront, with designs achieving λ/10 transmitted wavefront error. TECHSPEC DA Fixed YAG Beam Expanders easily mount with M30 x 1 threading and provide excellent value both for single unit purchases as well as volume integration.

Note: For more cost sensitive applications, Edmund Optics also offers TECHSPEC LC Fixed YAG Beam Expanders. For higher precision applications where sliding optics are necessary, please see our TECHSPEC UDA Fixed YAG or Fixed Broadband Beam Expanders.

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