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0.75X to 3X Microscope Body w/ One 20X Eyepiece, Monocular



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Product Family Description

  • Continuous 4:1 Zoom Range
  • Magnifications as High as 200X
  • Video Capable
  • Fixed Working Distance

For applications requiring continuous zoom capabilities, our Zoom Inspection Microscope line offers the flexibility and ranges of magnification required to handle most requirements. Two 4:1 zoom objective magnifications are available, 0.75X to 3X and 2.5X to 10X. Utilizing different eyepieces, magnifications as high as 200X and as low as 7.5X can be obtained. Video capabilities available for each option. Fiber optic ring light guides are recommended illumination for these systems. Mounting for these zoom microscopes can be done via rack and pinion positioning. Image will be inverted.

Technical Information

Microscope Model Working Distance
10X Eyepiece
15X Eyepiece
20X Eyepiece
Mag. FOV (mm) Mag. FOV (mm) Mag. FOV (mm)
0.75X - 3X Visual 60mm 7.5X - 30X 20 - 6 11.25X - 45X 17 - 4.4 15X - 60X 15.5 - 3.7
0.75X - 3X Visual / Video 60mm 7.5X - 30X 20 - 6 11.25X - 45X 17 - 4.4 15X - 60X 15.5 - 3.7
2.5X - 10X Visual / Video 36mm 25X - 100X 7.2 - 1.8 37.5X - 150X 4.8 - 1.2 50X - 200X 4 - 0.9
Microscope Model Field of View System Magnification Working Distance
0.75X - 3X Visual / Video 8mm - 2mm 36X - 144X 60mm
2.5X - 10X Visual / Video 2.56mm - 0.64mm 120X - 480X 36mm

Note: These specifications are for a system using a ½" sensor camera and a 15.1" monitor.

System #52-353 Includes Stock No.
Trinocular Microscope Body #52-352
Hitachi KP-D20B Camera #55-837
15.1" LCD Monitor #56-522
Rack and Pinion Movement #03-609
Standard Lab Base #85-347
9" Vertical Post #39-350
Y-C Cable (6 ft.) #39-255
F.O. Illumination Source (110v) #55-718
Fiber Optic Ring Guide #54-175
Fiber Optic Adapter #38-944

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