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Iris AO 111 Actuator Deformable Mirror

Iris AO 111 Actuator Deformable Mirror, #33-267

Iris AO 111 Actuator Deformable Mirror, #33-267

Stock #33-267
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Actuator Stroke:
Protected Silver (450-10000nm)
Coating Type:
Compatible API:
C/C++, .NET, Matlab™
Inscribed Aperture (mm):
Number of Actuators:
Operating Temperature (°C):
Max 50
Piston Tip-Tilt Segments:
Surface Accuracy:
<20nm RMS
Tip Tilt Angle (mrad):
Deformable Mirror

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Precision Linear Open-Loop Positioning
  • 111 Actuator Design with 37 Hexagonal Segments Controlled in Piston-Tip-Tilt Using 3 Actuators
  • Protected Silver Mirror Coating Shielded with λ/20 Surface Accuracy VIS-NIR Coated Window
  • Iris AO Adaptive Optics Kit also available

Iris AO Deformable Mirrors are a high-performance, factory calibrated instruments paired with precision, low-noise drive electronics for use in adaptive-optics applications. Intuitive mirror positioning utilizing piston/tip/tilt values or Zernike coefficients allow the creation of precision mirror shapes for wave front corrections. The Iris AO Deformable Mirror design uses robust single-crystal-silicon mirror segments that remain flat over large temperature ranges and incident power of 100W/cm2 and higher. Fully independent segment positioning enables the ability to implement adaptive optics, phased arrays, beam shaping, fiber coupling, and many other applications. USB interface and proprietary software designed for simple, precise control of each individual actuator to facilitate system integration.

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