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    Illumination Mode
    Wavelength (nm)
    Type of Illumination

    Fiber Optic Illumination

    Fiber Optic Illumination is used to provide intense, cool illumination for a number of optical or imaging applications. Fiber Optic Illumination often consists of fiber optic illuminators integrated with one or more light guides that direct illumination towards a specific application. Fiber Optic Illumination offers multiple illumination tools with only a single light source through the selection of various adapter heads for fiber optic light guides. Some of the available adapters include ring lights or backlights.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Fiber Optic Illumination suited for many illumination needs. Fiber Optic Illumination is an especially versatile illumination option that may provide easy positioning for multiple applications without the need for complex mounts through a number of rigid light guides. Fiber Optic Illumination is an ideal choice for a variety of illumination applications due to ease of use along with adaptability. A selection of illumination accessories is also available for increased versatility.

    Fiber Optic Illuminators | View All

    SugarCUBE™ Ultra LED Illuminator
    • Ultra High Intensity White LED Fiber Optic Illuminator
    • Direct Replacement for 150W Halogen Illuminators
    • More than 60,000 Hour LED Lifetime

    Dolan-Jenner DC-950H DC-Regulated Fiber Optic Illuminators
    • DC-Regulated Power Supply Less Than 0.5%
    • Low Output Power Ripple Less Than 0.4%
    • Remote Intensity Control from 0-5V DC Analog
    • 200 to 10,000 Hours Lamp Life

    Dolan-Jenner Fiber Optic Adapters

    Dolan-Jenner LMI-6000 Fiber Optic LED Illuminator
    • High Power White LEDs with 780 Lumen Output
    • Variable Intensity in 15 Discreet Steps
    • Sturdy Housing Perfect for Lab or Factory Use

    Dolan-Jenner MH-100 Metal Halide Fiber Optic Illuminator Model
    • Twice as Bright as 150W Quartz-Halogen Illuminators
    • Useful for a Variety of UV, VIS, NIR Applications
    • Removable Internal UV/IR Cut Filter
    • 5300K Color Temperature
    • Built-In External Filter Holder
    • Low Housing Temperature

    Dolan-Jenner Fiber-Lite Mi-150, Mi-152, & Mi-157 Fiber Optic Illuminator
    • Intensity Control Via Adjustment Knob
    • Shadow-Free, Glare-Free Cold Illumination
    • Low Noise Level (25dB)
    • Lamp Life 1000 to 10,000 Hours (Depending on Intensity)
    • Internal IR Filter
    • Iris Option Available

    Dolan-Jenner Mi-LED Fiber Optic LED Illuminators
    • 10 – 100% Solid State Variable Intensity
    • 40,000 Hour LED Life
    • Iris Option Available

    Dolan-Jenner Model 180 Fiber Optic Illuminator
    • On/Off Rocker Switch
    • Low Audible Noise (25 dB)
    • Cooling Fan

    Fiber Optic Color Filter Kit
    • Attaches Between Illuminator and Light Guides
    • Five Tempered Filters Included

    Lumencor® Light Engines
    • Powerful Solid State Sources With Zero Warm Up or Cool Down Periods
    • SOLA Light Engines Produce Continuous White Light from 380 – 680nm
    • Spectra X Light Engines Offer Ultrafast Switching of Six Independent Color Bands

    Metaphase Fiber Optic LED Illuminator
    • Compact 6.4" x 4.1" x 6.0" Design
    • Variable Intensity White LEDs
    • 25mm Nose Piece Fits Standard MX Adapters

    ScopeLED™ Fiber Optic Illuminators
    • Full Intensity and Strobe Control
    • Versions for Fine White Light or Color Tuning
    • Postmounted Option is Boom Stand Compatible and Ideal for Microscopy

    SugarCUBE™ LED Illuminators
    • Direct Replacement for 150W Halogen Illuminators
    • 50% Power Savings Compared To Halogen Source
    • More than 60,000 Hour LED Lifetime
    • For Use with Fiber Optic Light Guides

    Fiber Optic Light Guides | View All

    Dolan-Jenner Fiber Optic Adapters

    Dual Branch Light Guides
    • 70% Typical Illuminator Coupling Efficiency
    • Cool, Uniform Illumination
    • Crimped Stainless Steel Terminations
    • Ground and Polished Glass Fibers

    Fiber Optic Backlights
    • High Contrast, Silhouetted Images
    • Highly Diffuse, Even Light Distribution
    • Ideal for Line Scan Camera Applications
    • Used in 2D Vision Systems

    Fiber Optic Diffuse Axial Lights
    • For Fiber Optic Illuminators
    • Even Light Distribution
    • High Contrast for Inspecting Reflective Surfaces

    Fiber Optic Line Lights
    • Fixed Focus and Adjustable Focus Lens Options
    • Rugged Housing
    • Low Profile Design Available

    Fiber Optic Ring Light Guides
    • 360° Shadow-Free, Cool, Uniform Illumination
    • Accepts Polarizer Accessories
    • PVC-Covered Metal Sheathing
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Housing
    • 70% Typical Illuminator Coupling Efficiency
    • Crimped Stainless Steel Terminations
    • Glass Fibers with Ground and Polished End-Faces

    Hybrid Light Guides
    • Stay-Put Stainless Steel Gooseneck
    • Mountable Aluminum Transition and PVC Monocoil Sheathing
    • Mounting Accessory Available

    Liquid Light Guides
    • NA = 0.55
    • No Packing Fraction Loss
    • Excellent UV Transmission Properties
    • Higher Overall Transmission than Glass Bundles

    Semi-Rigid Light Guides
    • Stay-Put Stainless Steel Gooseneck
    • Single and Dual Branch Options


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