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    Diameter (mm)
    Effective Focal Length EFL (mm)
    Numerical Aperture NA
    Dimensions (mm)
    Wavelength Range (nm)

    Specialty Lenses

    Specialty Lenses are Optical Lenses that are unique in design or purpose. Specialty Lenses are used in a range of applications for a wide variety of industries, including communications, R&D, industrial, or lab integration. Edmund Optics offers the world’s largest inventory of optical components, including unique Specialty Lenses.

    Edmund Optics’ Specialty Lenses include Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs), Focus-Tunable Lenses, Laser Focusing Singlets, Microlens Arrays, or Multi-Lens Arrays. Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs) are ideal for light collection applications. Focus-Tunable Lenses allow either manual or electric control over the lenses’ focal length. Focus-Tunable Lenses are ideal for use in labs, where it may be easier to use a single Optical Lens to test a range of focal lengths, rather than purchasing a large number of individual Optical Lenses. Laser Focusing Singlets are designed to yield a minimum spot size for 632.8nm light, or for focusing most visible diodes up to 670nm. Microlens Arrays are used for light homogenization applications. Multi-Lens arrays are ideal for use in illumination or projection systems.

    LightPath® GRADIUM® Lenses
    • Aspheric Performance
    • Smaller Focused Spot Size
    • Reduced Spherical Aberration

    Optotune Manually Focus-Tunable Lenses
    • Manually Adjustable Focal Length
    • Concave to Convex Convertible Lens Shape
    • BBAR Coating for Increased Performance across Wavelength Range

    Plano-Convex (PCX) Bessel Grade Axicons
    • 0.05° Apex Angle Tolerance
    • Uncoated and AR Coated Options Available
    • Transform Gaussian Beams into Bessel Beams
    • Plano-Convex (PCX) Ring Grade Axicons Available for Beam Shaping Applications

    Plano-Convex (PCX) Ring Grade Axicons

    Polarization Directed Flat Lenses
    • Unique Flat Lens Design
    • Polarization Dependent Focal Length
    • Excellent Transmission from 450 – 650nm

    Optotune 3mm Clear Aperture Focus Tunable Lenses
    • Continuous Focusability
    • Compact Size
    • Wide Focal Adjustment Range

    Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses

    Optotune 10mm Clear Aperture Industrial Focus-Tunable Lenses

    Optotune 16mm Clear Aperture Industrial Focus-Tunable Lenses
    • Multiple Imaging Lens Mounting Options
    • Large Clear Aperture Ideal for Machine Vision Applications
    • Industrial Hirose Connection with Temperature Sensins
    • Integrated Temperature Control for Improved Thermal Effects
    • Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses and Lens Drivers Also Available

    Optotune Electrical Lens Driver
    • Designed to Control Optotune Focus-Tunable Lenses
    • Control Range of -250 to +250mA with 12-bit Precision
    • Driver Software Available for Download

    Corning® Varioptic® Variable Focus Liquid Lenses
    • Vary Focal Length by Applied Voltage
    • Ideal for Machine Vision Autofocus Applications
    • Less Power Required than Traditional Autofocus Lenses

    Microlens Arrays
    • Square Lens and Fly’s Eye Configurations
    • Precision Fused Silica Substrates

    Cylindrical Microlens Arrays
    • Generate Non-Gaussian Line Patterns
    • Ideal for Light Homogenization
    • Excellent Performance from 193nm – 2.5μm

    Multi-Lens Arrays
    • Creates Even Illumination When Used in Pairs
    • Integrated, Monolithic Design

    Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs)
    • 25° and 45° Acceptance Angles
    • 2.5mm and 5.0mm Exit Diameters
    • Ideal for Concentrating Solar Energy

    Fast Axis Collimators
    • Aspheric Cylindrical Lens Designs for Fast Axis Collimation
    • Standard AR Coating for 790 – 990nm
    • Ideal for Laser Diode Collimation

    Slow Axis Collimators
    • Designed for Use with Laser Bars
    • Can be Used With Fast Axis Collimators
    • Low Curvature Deviation for Increased Collimation

    Beam Twisters™
    • Provide 90° Rotation of Laser Bar Beams
    • Assembly of Fast Axis Collimator Lens and Beam Rotation Lens Array
    • Greater than 97% Transmission

    Focusable Collimators
    • Can Be Coupled to Standard 0.22 NA Fiber Optic Cables
    • Two Coatings Available for UV-VIS or VIS-NIR
    • Multiple Focal Length or Aperture Options
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    Rod Lenses
    • Focuses Collimated Light into a Line
    • Available in Diameters as Small as 1mm
    • N-BK7 and Fused Silica Substrate Options
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    Spherical Aberration Compensation Plates
    • Precision N-BK7 Substrate
    • Optimized for Use in Collimated Light with Small Fields of View
    • Transmitted Wave Front Accurate to λ/16


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