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Handheld Magnifiers

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10X Compound Lens Magnifier 10X Compound Lens Magnifier
  • High Power, Handheld Design
  • Dual Element Glass Optical System
  • Ideal for Critical Viewing Applications
  • Features Knurled Handle
Bausch & Lomb Coddington Magnifiers Bausch & Lomb Coddington Magnifiers
  • Unique Center Groove Diaphragm
  • Provides Wide Field at High Power
  • Illuminated Versions Require 2-AA Batteries (Not Included)
Bausch & Lomb Folding Multi-Lens Pocket Magnifiers Bausch & Lomb Folding Multi-Lens Pocket Magnifiers
  • Two and Three-Lens Models Available
  • Use Alone or in Combination
  • Made of High-Quality Optical Glass Lenses
Easy-Grip Magnifier Easy-Grip Magnifier
  • Extra Long Eye Relief
  • Acid-Resistant Base
  • Wide, Flat Field of View
Edmund Optics® Machinist's 3-Lens Folding Pocket Magnifiers Edmund OpticsĀ® Machinist's 3-Lens Folding Pocket Magnifiers
  • Includes 3 Lenses for Creating 3X-12X
  • 7 Powers Available
  • DCX Elements Mounted in Machined Aluminum Cells
Edmund Optics®  Hastings Triplets Edmund OpticsĀ® Hastings Triplets
  • Edmund Designed and Engineered
  • Offers Wide, Flat, Distortion-Free Field
Peak 7X or 10X Measuring Loupes Peak 7X or 10X Measuring Loupes
  • 7X and 10X Magnifications Available
  • Choose from Loupe, Illuminated Loupe and Loupe Sets
  • Reticle Included with Each Option
Peak Illuminated Transparent Base Magnifiers Peak Illuminated Transparent Base Magnifiers
  • Multiple Lens Peak Magnifiers
  • Ideal for Quick Inspection
  • Fixed Focus Design
  • Requires 2 "C" Batteries, Sold Separately
Peak Transparent Base Magnifiers Peak Transparent Base Magnifiers
  • Features Multi-Lens Elements in Fixed Focus Design
  • Clear Acrylic Base for Illuminating Subject
  • Offers Surperior Image Quality
  • Ideal for Quick Inspection

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Handheld Magnifiers are used to provide convenient, portable magnification capabilities to a wide range of applications such as quality inspection, watchmaking, or gemology. Handheld Magnifiers are magnification devices designed to fit in one's hand or pocket for optimal portability or ease of use. The compact design of Handheld Magnifiers make them ideal choices providing readily available image enlargement abilities to hobbyists or those with vision impairments.

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