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Optical Windows

  Sizes from <5mm to >150mm

  Wide Variety of Optical Substrates

  Anti-Reflective Coatings from the UV to IR

  Superpolishing for RMS Surface Roughness <0.5Å

Edmund Optics® is a leading manufacturer of optical windows for both volume production and prototyping. A vast range of materials, sizes, and coatings provide options for nearly any optical application. Whether you need large volumes of anti-reflection-coated windows for production, small quantities of infrared windows for prototyping, or superpolished windows for precise laser applications, we have a solution for you. Our design and manufacturing experts are ready to support you throughout your entire development process. What can we make for you?



Understanding Optical Windows
Master the basics of optical windows including glass types, material properties, surface specifications, and coatings.


Optical Coatings

  Over 900 Coating Designs from 120nm to 20µm

  UV, Visible, NIR, SWIR, and LWIR Spectral Ranges

  Single and Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection, Filter, Polarizing, and Metallic Designs

  Hundreds of Stock and Custom Optical Coating Options

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Conventional and High-Speed Grinding Machines
  • Conventional and High-Precision Polishing Machines
  • Double-Sided Lapping Machines
  • Slicing Machines


Optical Prisms Equipment

Selecting the Right Window

Contact our team of optical manufacturing engineers to ensure you receive windows that meet your specific needs within your budget.


  • Protect Sensitive Optics and Sensors from Contamination and Damage
  • Wide Range of Glass and Plastic Substrates
  • Options for Applications Requiring High Durability or Large Temperature Ranges
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