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C Series Fixed Focal Length SWIR Lenses

  • Up to 2/3", C-Mount Lens
  • Up to 7.5 MegaPixels, 2.8µm Pixel Size Sensors
  • Compact (C) SWIR Lens for 900-1700nm Wavelength Range
  • 6mm to 50mm Focal Length

TECHSPEC® C Series Fixed Focal Length SWIR Lenses are compact, lightweight lenses designed as a low-cost alternative to the TECHSPEC® SWIR Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses. These lenses feature large maximum apertures, broadband AR coatings optimized for a 900 – 1700nm wavelength range, and with the working distances and resolution requirements of factory automation and inspection in mind. For optimum resolution and performance at the application’s target spectral range, SWIR Machine Vision filters and SWIR LED illumination are recommended. TECHSPEC® C Series Fixed Focal Length SWIR Lenses are manufactured to a high tolerance, resulting in greater levels of imaging performance and low lens-to-lens variation, assuring simple installation into multiple systems. Also available with optimized performance in the VIS or VIS-NIR spectral ranges, C-Series lenses are ideal for a wide variety of machine vision, factory automation, and autonomous applications.