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Concave Laser Line Mirrors

Laser Line Concave Mirrors

  • Ideal for Focusing Laser Light
  • >99.8% Reflectivity at Center Wavelength
  • High Thermal Stability Fused Silica Substrates

TECHSPEC® Concave Laser Line Mirrors offer high precision 20-10 surface quality, λ/10 surface irregularity, and high reflectivity for focusing laser beams generated by Nd:YAG sources. Featuring high guaranteed laser induced damage thresholds, these dielectric coated laser mirrors are durable and resistant to laser damage. These concave mirrors are ideal for use with a 0-45° angle of incidence, providing flexibility for system integration into beam focusing, collecting, and imaging applications. TECHSPEC Concave Laser Line Mirrors feature fused silica substrates with excellent thermal and temporal stability, ensuring optimal performance regardless of temperature fluctuations. 266nm, 355nm, 532nm, and 1064nm laser line dielectric coatings are available.