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Infrared (IR) Plate Beamsplitters

  • Broadband 50% Reflection/50% Transmission
  • CaF2 Option for 2 - 8μm Range
  • ZnSe Option for 7 - 14μm Range

Designed for broadband infrared applications, Infrared (IR) Plate Beamsplitters offer a 50% reflection/50% transmission ratio. Available in multiple sizes, the precision CaF2 beamsplitters offer excellent performance in the 2 - 8μm range. The chemical vapor deposition laser quality ZnSe beamsplitters offer excellent performance in the 7 - 14μm wavelength range. Each beamsplitter is designed for a 45° angle of incidence.

Note: Special care should be taken when handling Zinc Selenide as it is a toxic material. Always wear rubber or plastic gloves to avoid risk of contamination.