Quartz Fiber Optic Light Guides

  • Designed for UV Applications
  • Maximize Transmission Efficiency
  • Multiple Core Sizes Available

Economical Industrial Grade UV quartz fiber optic light guides are designed for ultraviolet applications; they will show some fluorescence at 245nm and darken in gamma or X-ray environments. These plastic-clad quartz fibers provide maximum transmittance efficiency due to the 10:1 core/clad ratio and high flexibility from the small fiber diameter. Sheathing is PVC-covered monocoil; terminations are stainless steel. Light guide adapters (not included) needed to mate with fiber optic illuminators.

The correct adapter will depend on the tip diameter of the light guide. Fibers #38-954 and #38-955 use #38-943, and #38-956 uses #38-944.

Technical Information

Length A B C D Stock No.
36.0" 0.062" 0.205" 0.190" 0.187" #38-954
36.0" 0.125" 0.312" 0.268" 0.187" #38-955
36.0" 0.250" 0.468" 0.430" 0.312" #38-956