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0.9mW 670nm, LDM Focusable Laser Diode

Stock #38-920
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Note: This item requires accessories for use | Learn More
Wavelength (nm):
Output Power (mW):
0.9 (Maximum)
Output Power Tolerance (%):
Beam Size at Nearest Focus (μm):
Beam Diameter (mm):
Beam Divergence (mrad):
Focus Range:
150mm - ∞
Diameter (mm):
Drive Circuitry:
Fully shielded, reverse polarity protected
Electrical Leads/ Pin Connections:
red (+), black (-)
Laser Class - CDRH:
Length (mm):
Length of Leads (mm):
Mean Time To Failures MTTF @ 25° (hours):
Operating Current (mA):
Operating Temperature (°C):
-10 to +45
Output Type:
Free Space
Pointing Accuracy (mrad):
Power Requirement:
3.5 - 5 V DC
Storage Temperature (°C):
-40 to +85
Index Guided Diode, CW
Type of Laser:
Wavelength Stability (nm/°C):
Wavelength Tolerance (nm):
Weight (g):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 209:

Product Family Description

  • Circular and Elliptical Beam Options
  • Bare Leads for Instrument Integration
  • Focusable from 20mm to Infinity

Self-contained and compact, laser diode modules offer a variety of features. They are an ideal replacement for a helium-neon laser in many applications, and offer the benefits of superior durability, small size, and a range of wavelengths and powers. Elliptical output beams are produced using a user-adjustable glass focusing lens. Circular output beams are produced using a long focal length plastic lens and are suitable for long distance and alignment applications. Applications include use as pilot beams for alignment, bar code readers, measurement, dimensional scanning, robotic control, target designation, positioning, and analysis. Focusing tool included with all diode modules. Line Generator attachments are available for all diode modules listed. Power Supply, required for operation, sold separately.

Note: Laser diode case is electrically isolated from supply voltage.

Technical Information

Focusing Data - Spot Size (mm) at Distance
Stock No. Distance of 0.5m Distance of 1m Distance of 2m Distance of 5m
#53-228 <0.5 <1 1 2
#38-920 <0.5 <0.5 <1 1
#38-922 <1 1 2 x 1 5 x 2
#52-094 <1 1.5 5 x 3 6 x 3
#53-228 + #53-758* 420 x 1 840 x 1 1680 x 2
#38-922 + #53-758* 420 x 1 840 x 1 1680 x 2

*Line Length x Thickness

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