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1064nm, 4-6mm Dia. Input Beam, Focal Flat Top Beam Shaper | Focal πShaper_1064_Q-5

Focal Flat Top Beam Shaper

Focal Flat Top Beam Shaper
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Design Wavelength DWL (nm):
Input Beam Diameter, 1/e2 (mm):
4 - 6
Wavelength Range (nm):
1020 - 1100
Beam Shaper
Clear Aperture CA (mm):
Diameter (mm):
Length (mm):
Model Number:
Transmission (%):
Weight (g):
Maximum Input Power, CW (kW):
1 (typical)
Inner Thread:
M30 x 0.75
Outer Thread:
M30 x 0.75
Compatible Adapter:
Input Beam Mode:
Typical Input Beam Mode Quality, M2:
Input Beam Divergence (mrad):

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Product Family Description

AdlOptica Focal-πShaper (piShaper) Q Flat Top Beam Shapers are used to transform Gaussian beams to airy disk profiles, allowing for control of the intensity distribution of the laser spot. The output beam is shaped with nearly 100% efficiency to a flat-top or doughnut beam profile. Focusing a beam after a Flat Top Beam Shaper leads to the loss of the flat top profile at the focused spot. AdlOptica Focal-πShaper (piShaper) Q Flat Top Beam Shapers provide an alternative solution by generating an Airy-disk beam profile that can be focused to obtain a flat top spot. These beam shapers feature a compact design with inner and outer threading, making them easy to integrate into equipment. AdlOptica Focal-πShaper Q Flat Top Beam Shapers are advantageous for beam shaping in micromachining applications, including scribing and PCB drilling, as well as micro-welding applications. Multiple models are available at Nd:YAG wavelengths with compatible input beam diameters as small as 3mm and up to 23mm.