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24V DC, 4A Single Output Power Supply

24V DC, 4A Single Output Power Supply

What Comes with Your ScannerMAX Scanner

Wiring Up Your ScannerMAX Scanner

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Operating Temperature (°C):
-30 to +70
Dimensions (mm):
79 x 99 x 30
Model Number:
Input Voltage (V):
85 - 264
Output Voltage (V):
Output Current (A):

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

ScannerMAX Compact 506 Dual Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners are designed for cost-sensitive applications requiring compact, light-weight optical scanners that do not compromise on performance. The Compact 506 series features a sturdy rotor construction and low coil resistance, allowing these galvanometers to achieve reasonably fast scan speeds without producing excessive heat. The patented position sensor design provides these galvanometers with up to ten times the signal-to-noise ratio of conventional galvanometers, ensuring high quality motion. ScannerMAX Compact 506 Dual Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners are ideal for use in stereo lithography (SLA) 3D printing, LiDAR, handheld medical devices, and laser cleaning applications. Optical scanners with a 3, 5, and 10mm mirror aperture are available with a protected silver coating; please contact us if your application requires a Compact 506 galvanometer scanner with a custom mirror aperture or coating.

ScannerMAX Compact 506 Galvanometer Optical Scanners are driven by the Mach-DSP Servo Driver. This digital servo driver features a compact package size and simultaneously control both X-Axis and Y-Axis scanners. The Mach-DSP can be controlled by both analog and digital signals, and it can be accessed and adjusted using a free GUI software package, which includes a built-in test pattern generator, oscilloscope, and dynamic signal analyzer. The Mach-DSP Servo Driver requires ±24 VDC of power.

Each Compact 506 Dual Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanner ships with:

  • 2 x Compact 506 Series Galvanometer
  • 1 x X-Y Axis Mount
  • 1 x Mach-DSP Servo Driver Board
  • 2 x 1-meter-long cables that connect the galvanometer to the servo driver
  • 1 x Cable kit including power and analog input cables