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800μm Aperture Diameter, 25mm Mounted, Acktar Blackened Pinhole

Acktar Blackened Pinholes (mounted)

Acktar Blackened Pinholes (mounted) Acktar Blackened Pinholes	(unmounted) Acktar Blackened Pinhole compared to an uncoated steel pinhole
Acktar Blackened Pinholes (mounted)
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Outer Diameter (mm):
25.0 ±0.2
Stainless Steel
Magic Black™
Fixed Aperture Diameter (μm):
800 ±7
Diameter of Mount (mm):
25.0 ±0.2
Thickness (mm):
0.02 nominal
Mount Thickness (mm):
3.0 ±0.1
Absorbance (%):

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Low Reflectance from the EUV to SWIR
  • 99% Absorbance Blackening Coating
  • Aperture Sizes from 20 to 1000μm
  • Available Unmounted and Mounted

Acktar Blackened Pinholes feature Acktar Magic Black™ blackening coating that provides wide-band low reflectance from the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to the short-wave infrared (SWIR). This coating provides near zero outgassing and can be used in temperatures up to 380°C. Acktar Blackened Pinholes are coated on both sides, including the pinhole edge, and are available either unmounted or mounted in a 25mm mount for easy integration into optical systems. These stainless steel substrate pinholes are ideal for spatial filtering applications requiring low back reflection and scattering from light sources.

Note: Please contact us for custom aperture options.