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Germanium, 12.7mm, Uncoated, IR Right Angle Prism | Edmund Optics
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Germanium, 12.7mm, Uncoated, IR Right Angle Prism

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Length of Legs (mm):
Length of Hypotenuse (mm):
Angle Tolerance (arcmin):
Clear Aperture (%):
Dimensional Tolerance (mm):
Image Orientation:
Ray Deviation (°):
Germanium (Ge)
Surface Flatness:
Surface Quality:
Right Angle Prism
Wavelength Range (μm):
2 - 14
Wavelength Range (nm):
2000 - 14000

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 205:

Product Family Description

  • CaF2, Ge, and ZnSe Substrates
  • Ray Deviation of 90°
  • Ideal for Use with Collimated Sources
  • Additional Infrared Optics Available

Infrared (IR) Right Angle Prisms are available in three substrate options. Calcium Fluoride is a low index (1.434) material with excellent transmission from 0.19 - 7μm, making it ideal for applications throughout the UV, Visible, and Infrared spectra. Germanium is a dense material with a high index (n10.6μm = 4.0034), making it ideal for applications from 3 - 12μm where the optical path length needs to be maximized. Zinc Selenide (n10.6μm = 2.4028) is commonly used with CO2 laser applications, and features high transmission from 1 - 16μm.

Right angle prisms are generally used to bend image paths or redirect light at 90°. This produces a left handed image and depending on the orientation of the prism, the image may be inverted or reverted. Right angle prisms can also be used in combination for image/beam displacement.

Note: Special care should be taken when handling Zinc Selenide as it is a toxic material. Always wear rubber or plastic gloves to avoid risk of contamination.

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