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MT-1 Accessory Tube Lens

MT-1 Accessory Tube Lens, #54-774

MT-1 Accessory Tube Lens, #54-774

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Diameter (mm):
Entrance Pupil (mm):
Focal Length FL (mm):
Image Field of View (mm):
Length (mm):
Model Number:
Mounting Threads:
three 2.4mm holes
Wavelength Range (nm):
436 - 656
Field of View (mm):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
REACH 201:

Product Family Description

These tube lenses function as secondary lenses to form an image using any of the Mitutoyo Infinity Corrected Objectives, and are economical alternatives to the FS70 Microscope or Infinitube® In-line Assembly Unit. A number of options are available, depending upon system requirements. The MT-4 and MT-40 are designed for end-user integration, and can easily be used with any C-Mount camera with our Mitutoyo C-Mount Camera Extension Tube #56-992. The MT-4 Tube Lens is recommended for use with Objectives from 1X to 20X Magnification, while the MT-40 is recommended for use with Objectives with >20X Magnification. The MT-1 Tube Lens permits the introduction of a beamsplitter to the imaging path, allowing for a custom in-line illumination system. The MT-2 Tube Lens is very similar to the MT-1, but with an effective focal length of 400mm, providing twice the stated magnification for any of the Mitutoyo objectives. The MT-L and MT-L4 lenses are designed for the M Plan NUV and M Plan UV series of objectives, respectively. NIR and zoom tube lenses are also available through our line of Precision Zoom Lenses.

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