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Standard Right Angle, InfiniTube

Standard (with no In-Line Attachment), InfiniTube, #56-125
InfiniTube™ In-Line Video System

Standard (with no In-Line Attachment), InfiniTube, #56-125


InfiniTube™ In-Line Video System

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Right Angle
Fixed Magnification Lens
Primary Magnification PMAG:
Objective Required

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Product Family Description

This in-line assembly unit is used to mount Mitutoyo or Achrovid™ long working-distance objectives to C-mount cameras, yielding magnifications not possible with ordinary video lenses, such as 50X magnification. The InfiniTube™ system can be configured in a variety of fashions. It can be utilized alone (InfiniTube™ Standard #56-125) for applications where illumination is provided from another source such as a backlight or directional illumination.

The first in-line attachment (#56-126) has been designed for high performance with objectives having a magnification of 10X or below and is not suggested for use with higher magnification objectives. The second in-line unit (#56-191) has been designed to work with increased efficiency when used with magnifications of 10X or higher, but can be utilized with all magnifications. An InfiniTube™ In-line Assembly (#54-590) is also offered, comprised of the InfiniTube™ Standard and the higher magnification in-line attachment. This Assembly can be used with all magnifications. A filter holder, which attaches to the InfiniTube™ itself, can be added to the systems to introduce 25mm diameter filters. These lenses are commonly used in microscopy and wafer inspection.

By utilizing an in-path beamsplitter and side-port illumination tube with collimating optics, the In-Line Assembly (#54-590) provides incident illumination parallel to the optical axis (coaxial). Coaxial illumination requires an optional Fiber Optic Illuminator and a ¼" diameter Fiber Optic Light Guide.

A version of the InfiniTube™ is specifically designed only for Zeiss ICS-corrected objectives (#58-538, 160mm tube lens design). Shorter than the Standard model, this model has color-compatible correction for use exclusively with Zeiss ICS objectives. The RMS adapter (#53-786) is required to connect #58-538 to the Zeiss EC Plan-Neofluar® objectives.

The RMS adapter (#53-786) is required to connect #58-538 to the Zeiss ICS objectives. Since even the slightest vibration will affect such small fields-of-view seen with the InfiniTube™ we recommend vibration isolation equipment when using objectives greater that 10X in magnification. We also recommend the use of a focusing mechanism (such as the Rack and Pinion Movement mount #54-794) when using the lens alone.

Mounting clamp (#57-788) is included with #54-590, #56-125 and #58-538. Note that an objective, objective adapter, light guide, and illuminator are not included.

Technical Information

#54-562 System Includes
Item Stock No.
InfiniTube In-Line Assembly Unit #54-590
Hitachi KP-D20B Camera #55-837
15.1" LCD Monitor (US Version Only) #56-522
Y-C Cable (6 ft.) #39-255
Mitutoyo/Achrovid™ Objective Adapter #53-787
MI-150 Fiber Optic Illuminator #55-718
Fiber Optic Light Guide (48" L) #39-367
Fiber Optic Adapter #38-944
Standard Boom Stand #54-120
Rack & Pinion Mounting Plate #54-123

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