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Two Knob Stage & 250mm Track Combination

One Knob Stage and Track Combination

One Knob Stage and Track Combination Rack & Pinion Track #56-793 #56-794
One Knob Stage and Track Combination
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Type of Movement:
Linear (X)
Type of Drive:
Rack and Pinion
Track & Two Knob Carrier Set
Black Anodized Aluminum
Travel (mm):
Straight Line Accuracy (mm):
0.1 - 0.25
Stage Size (mm):
62 x 60
Travel Per Knob Rotation (mm):
Graduation (mm):
Track: 1
Vernier Reading: 0.1
Mounting Threads:
(1) M6 x 1, (8) M4 x 0.7 on Carrier
S.H.C.S. C'bore:
(6) 6.5mm Thru on Track
Load Capacity, Normal (kg):
Load Capacity, Vertical (kg):

Regulatory Compliance

Reach 181:
RoHS 2015:

Product Family Description

  • Carriers Feature One or Two Knobs, with English or Metric Mounting Hole Patterns
  • Available with Both English and Metric Track Lengths
  • Preassembled Common Carrier and Track Combinations are Available
  • Vernier Scales of 0.01” or 0.1mm Resolution

TECHSPEC® Long Travel Rack and Pinion Stages are designed to allow for easy, long, linear adjustments while also maintaining precision and control. Available in English or Metric versions, these stages can be easily integrated into any system requiring controlled coarse positioning adjustments. Each track features an extruded dovetail design with a helical rack and pinion mechanism, ensuring smooth adjustments that can be locked with the included tension screw and Allen wrench. All TECHSPEC® Long Travel Rack and Pinion Stages feature a Vernier scale with a resolution of 0.01” or 0.1mm for accurate repeatable adjustments. Tracks feature either ¼”-20 or M6 counter bored holes for mounting directly to a standard breadboard.

Note: Tracks and Carriers are available separately. English carriers can be used for Metric tracks and vice versa. For vertical configurations, use the Z-Axis Configuration Bracket (#11-165) which is compatible with both English and Metric Tracks and can be mounted to Metric or English bench plates/breadboards.