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Universal Microscope ASR Adapter Plate

XY Microscope Translation Stage

XY Microscope Translation Stage XY Microscope Motorized Stage Controller
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Adapter Brackets & Plates
Weight (kg):
Mounting Threads:
(3) M3 x 0.5
Substrate: Many glass manufacturers offer the same material characteristics under different trade names. Learn More
Anodized Aluminum
Thickness (mm):
Dimensions (mm):
36.5 x 175.0
Mountable Microscopes: Leica DMI4000 B, Leica DMI6000 B, Leica DM IRM, Zeiss Axiovert 100, Zeiss Axiovert 135, Zeiss Axio Observer Series

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:

Product Family Description

  • 100 x 120mm Travel
  • 12μm Full Travel Accuracy, 2μm Repeatability, and Up to 85mm/s Speed
  • Supported by μManager Open-Source Microscopy Software

The Zaber™ Motorized XY Microscope Stage is an ideal replacement for manual stages used on upright and inverted microscope systems or for stand-alone operation as scanning stages. The open-loop Zaber™ Motorized XY Microscope Stage features a compact design, precision accuracy and repeatability, and quick translation speed across 100 x 120mm of travel. Additionally, these microscope stages incorporate crossed roller bearings on hardened stainless steel to increase translation smoothness and durability.

Note: The included adjustable universal slide insert allows quick changes of slides up to 70mm diameter. This stage is fully supported by μManager, an open-source software package for controlling automated microscopes and imaging systems.