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145 combined years of trusted and industry-tested design experience

Product Design Expertise

  • High-quality, high-resolution designs include fixed focal length, fixed magnification, telecentric, M12, high magnification objectives, line scan lenses, and many more
  • Common modifications include in-line illumination, focusable telecentrics, focus-tunable liquid lenses, and wavelength compatibility for VIS, VIS-NIR, SWIR, and UV
  • Full vision system design including illumination, camera integration, filters, and other supporting accessories
  • Quick modification to over 700 stock imaging lens designs
  • 145 combined years of trusted and industry-tested design experience

State-of-the-Art Metrology
and Testing

  • MTF (reverse projection, slanted edge, camera-type), CTF, camera, stray light, telecentricity, wavefront distortion, and more
  • Environmental testing capabilities
  • Application specific testbed development
  • Test reports, documentation, and serialization
  • Correlation studies and error analysis

Ciaran Hennessey
Manager Supplier Quality

Andrew Vernot
Supplier Quality Engineer

Supplier Quality Team

  • Upholds rigorous quality control measures to ensure products are reliable and consistent
  • Collaborates closely with vendors to develop customized solutions to offer flexibility in tailoring to customer needs
  • Anticipates potential supply chain issues proactively, addressing challenges before they arise, reducing disruptions to provide seamless customer experience

Our Imaging Labs

New Jersey




Taichung City,


United Kingdom

Troubleshoot, Collaborate,
and Learn

Machine vision design can be challenging, but Edmund Optics® has you covered. Visit one of our 7 imaging labs around the world to learn from and collaborate with our team of expert engineers and vision professionals. Develop vision systems solutions and explore our products, hands-on. Participate in online discussion about machine vision applications during our live imaging lab webinars or check out our extensive library of on-demand webinars, application notes, technical tools, and many other forms of technical content.

Unable to visit one of our labs?

Register online for our Imaging Lab webinar series and engage with experts across different companies and industries on machine vision topics and applications.


Meet the Team

Brightstate Chen
Brightstate Chen
Imaging Engineer, Asia
Jeremy Govier
Jeremy Govier
Senior Principal Engineer
Boris Lange
Boris Lange
Imaging Manager, Europe
Ryan Kralka
Ryan Kralka
Americas Imaging Sales Manager
Jayland Martin
Jayland Martin
Senior Imaging Engineer, Americas
Nitin Sampat
Nitin Sampat
Senior Imaging Engineer, Silicon Valley
Nicholas Sischka
Nicholas Sischka
Director of Imaging Product Development
Thomas-Armspach Young
Thomas-Armspach Young
Imaging Engineer, UK

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