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    Laser Beamsplitters

    Laser Optics

    Laser Beamsplitters are used to separate a single laser beam into two separate beams in a number of laser applications. Laser Beamsplitters are designed to reflect a certain portion of a laser beam, generally a particular wavelength or polarization state, while allowing the rest of the light to be transmitted. Laser Beamsplitters are available in several different types including Plate Beamsplitters, Cube Beamsplitters, or Lateral Displacement Beamsplitters. Dichroic Beamsplitters are also available for Raman spectroscopy applications.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Laser Beamsplitters for many beam manipulation needs. Plate Beamsplitters are beamsplitters that are aligned at a particular angle to achieve maximum reflection of a given set of wavelengths. Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters use a fused pair of right angle prisms to separate randomly polarized laser beams. Lateral Displacement Beamsplitters consist of a fused rhomboid prism and a right angle prism to split a laser beam into two separate but parallel beams.


    Nd:YAG Harmonic Separators
    • Used to Separate Nd:YAG Harmonic Wavelengths
    • Beamsplitter Coating Features >95% Transmission
    • λ/10 Fused Silica Substrate

    Nd:YAG Laser Line Beam Samplers
    • Uncoated First Surface Provides Fresnel Reflection
    • High Laser Damage Threshold Coating on One Surface
    • 10-5 Surface Quality

    Dichroic Laser Beam Combiners
    • Polarization Insensitive
    • Hard Sputtered Coating
    • Multiple Sizes Available

    High Energy Laser Line Polarizers
    • High Extinction Ratio of 10,000:1
    • 45° Angle of Incidence
    • Available for Nd:YAG Harmonics and HeNe Wavelengths

    High Energy Laser Line Plate Polarizers
    • 355nm Version
    • 56° Angle of Incidence
    • High Damage Threshold

    Laser Line High Energy Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters
    • Optically Contacted Design for Increased Damage Threshold
    • Greater than 96% Transmission of P-Polarized Light
    • High Extinction Ratio of Greater than 1000:1

    Laser Line Non-Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters
    • <3% Transmission Difference for S and P Polarization States
    • AR Coated <0.25% on Entrance and Exit Faces
    • Nd:YAG and HeNe Options

    Laser Line Non-Polarizing Plate Beamsplitters
    • High Laser Damage Thresholds
    • Low GDD Coatings for Femtosecond Applications
    • Insensitive to Input Beam’s Polarization State

    Laser Line Non-Polarizing Plate Beamsplitters
    • Insensitive to Input Beam Polarization
    • High Damage Threshold
    • Precision UV Fused Silica Substrate

    Laser Line Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters
    • Designed for Common Diode, Gas, and Solid State Lasers
    • Reflects S-Polarized Light, Transmits P-Polarized Light
    • High Extinction Ratio

    Lateral Displacement Beamsplitters
    • Visible and NIR Coating Options Offered
    • Simplifies Benchtop Layout
    • Split Incident Beam into Two Displaced Parallel Beams


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