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Ultrafast Beamsplitters

TECHSPEC® Ultrafast Beamsplitters

  • Designs for Ti:sapphire and Yb:doped Fiber Lasers
  • 90:10, 70:30, and 50:50 (R:T) Split Ratios
  • Controlled Reflection and Transmission GDD

TECHSPEC® Ultrafast Beamsplitters are designed for use with femtosecond pulsed Ti:sapphire and Yb:doped fiber lasers. Their front surface features a 90:10, 70:30, or 50:50 (R:T) non-polarizing beamsplitter coating while their back surface features an anti-reflective coating to minimize losses due to reflection. Each coating has controlled dispersion to allow for predictable group delay dispersion (GDD) of the transmitted or reflected pulses. TECHSPEC Ultrafast Beamsplitters are available in standard imperial sizes for easy integration into optical systems. Please contact us if your application requires an Ultrafast Beamsplitter with a custom size or coating specifications.

Note: The arrow on the edge of these optics points towards the beamsplitter coating.