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    Lens Kits

    Optical Lens Kits are bundled collections of popular Edmund Optics Optical Components. Lens Kits are ideal for university or R&D laboratories. Lens Kits provide excellent value, offering a single solution for a range of Optical Lenses. Edmund Optics’ Lens Kits are packaged in a hard-case protective wooden box that is ideal for storing optical components. Each wooden box is constructed of beachwood and birchwood materials, and includes foam lining, felt feet, and brass hinges and latches.

    Edmund Optics offers the world’s largest inventory of off-the-shelf optical components, including a variety Lens Kits containing Achromatic Lenses, Plano-Convex (PCX) Lenses, or a range of other optical components. Plano-Convex (PCX) Lens Kits, or additional Simple Lens Kits, are offered with a variety of anti-reflection coating options for excellent performance in the Visible of Near-Infrared (NIR), including MgF2, VIS 0°, VIS-NIR, NIR I, or laser specific wavelengths. Achromatic Lens Kits are available unmounted or mounted with anti-reflection coating options including MgF2, VIS 0°, or VIS-NIR. Additional Optical Component Kits include Optical Components such as Beamsplitters, Neutral Density Filters, Prisms, or Rod Lenses.


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