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If you can’t measure it, you can’t make it

Edmund Optics® uses a wide variety of state-of-the-art metrology technologies to ensure that all specifications are met. Our in-process metrology capabilities include cavity ring-down spectroscopy, white light interferometry, non-contact 3D profilometry, and much more. An in-house laser testing lab allows for internal process improvement and verification of laser damage threshold.





Short Coherence Length Interferometry

  Special LED source used to measure parallel, flat surfaces while minimizing reflections off back surfaces

  Eliminates the need for special treatment of the rear surface, which minimizes measurement time, the risk of damage to the part, and the risk of inaccurate measurements

  Ideal for measuring dual-side-coated optics such as IBS coated mirrors with stress-compensating coatings on the backside



Photothermal Common-Path Interferometry

  Accurately measure absorption for better characterization of the spectral properties of optical coatings and substrates

  A pump-probe geometry measures change in refractive index due to absorption-induced thermal expansion

  More sensitive and accurate absorption measurement for very low levels of absorption than spectrophotometers, which determine absorption indirectly by directly measuring transmission



Laser Optics Assembly Metrology

  In-house testing to measure assembly performance

  Transmitted wavefront error

  Laser beam profiling

  Measuring power in bucket and energy on target

  Development of application-specific tests



UV Fatigue and Laser-Induced Contamination Testing

  In-house laser lab performing long-run applied UV laser exposure experiments

  Laser-induced contamination is a key concern for UV laser systems

  Contamination resulting from the environment or outgassing can significantly reduce performance or lead to system failure

  Intimate knowledge of cleaning and assembly techniques to mitigate these effects


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