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Ultrafast Laser Optics


Real-world application testing

 Ultrafast pulses have inherently broad bandwidths, making controlling chromatic dispersion critical

 Group delay dispersion (GDD) of ultrafast optics must be finely controlled

 Edmund Optics® designs and deposits ultrafast coatings with GDD values from -4,000 – 5,000 fs2

 Dielectric highly-reflective and anti-reflective coatings as well as ultrafast-enhanced silver coatings


Manufacturing Capabilities

 Highly-dispersive mirrors, low GDD optics, and beam expanders

 Intra- and extra-cavity optics for high-power ultrafast lasers

 3rd order dispersion of 0 fs3, or negative values down to -2500 fs3

 Cost-effective ultrafast-enhanced silver coatings with R>99% and GDD as low as 0 ±20fs2 over common ultrafast wavelengths

 GDD values below -100fs2 available through our strategic partner, UFI


Ultrafast Metrology

  Accurately measure GDD of multilayer ultrafast optics

  Ultra-broadband spectral coverage ranging from 250nm to 2100nm

  GDD accuracy of ±5 fs2 at angles of incidence between 0-70°


Technical Expertise

  In-house experts with years of ultrafast optics manufacturing and ultrafast laser applications experience

  Guidance in understanding what GDD, 3rd order dispersion, and other specifications are needed

  Partnership with UltraFast Innovations for developing cutting-edge ultrafast coatings


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