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TECHSPEC Liquid Lens M12 Imaging Lenses

TECHSPEC Liquid Lens M12 Imaging Lenses

TECHSPEC Liquid Lens M12 Imaging Lenses

  • Integrated Liquid Lens for a Quick Autofocus Solution
  • High Light Throughput f/2.4 Designs
  • Compact M12 Mount

TECHSPEC® Liquid Lens M12 Imaging Lenses feature a high-resolution f/2.4 optical design with an integrated liquid lens, allowing for fast electronic focus, superior image performance, and a quick autofocus solution. When combined with appropriate camera and software, the focus tunable liquid lens provides the active focus control needed to achieve an autofocus solution. The high light throughput f/2.4 aperture is ideal for high-speed machine vision applications. TECHSPEC® Liquid Lens M12 Imaging Lenses incorporates a 2-piece housing design for easy access and replacement of the included liquid lens. The liquid lens can also be rotated 180° inside the imaging lens for quickly accessing the liquid lens control cable.

Note: Driver is required for operation. Liquid Lens Development Kit includes driver and other accessories and must be purchased separately.

Edmund Optics has created multiple product families of our TECHSPEC® M12 S-Mount Lenses, which are designed to provide high resolution. These high performance lenses feature precision glass designs in a metal housing and have optimized specifications between each product family to meet your application needs.

  • Blue Series M12 Lenses: High resolution finite conjugate designs optimized for machine vision working distances.
  • Rugged Blue Series M12 Lenses: Ruggedized versions of our Blue Series M12 Lenses, utilizing the same optics.
  • Green Series M12 Lenses: Finite conjugate designs optimized for machine vision working distances.
  • Red Series M12 Lenses: Infinite conjugate designs optimized for high resolution performance out to infinity.
  • HEO Series M12 Lenses: Harsh Environment Optics (HEO) sealed versions of our Red Series M12 Lenses.
  • Liquid Lens M12 Imaging Lenses: Integrated liquid lens for fast electronic focus.

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