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Mounted Achromatic Lens Pairs

TECHSPEC Mounted Achromatic Lens Pairs

  • 15mm and 30mm Diameter Options
  • AR Coated Lenses
  • Mounted Achromatic Pairs Kits Available

TECHSPEC® Mounted Achromatic Lens Pairs combine popular TECHSPEC® Achromats into common configurations used for relay and projection applications. Packaged in slim-line aluminum housing, each pair is ready for integration into a host of OEM applications, eliminating the need to handle loose optics.15.0mm pairs can be coupled into C-mount components using Helicoid Barrel Accessory. TECHSPEC Mounted Achromatic Lens Pairs have also been oriented for optimum system performance. All lenses, 15.0mm and 30.0mm, are AR coated. Lower f/# pairs may not be ideal for imaging applications depending on the performance requirements. Cylinder lenses can be incorporated into empty barrels in order to generate lines or sheets of light.