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250mL Bottle of 0.1 Micron Polish

CO<sub>2</sub> Optics Cleaning Kit (#14-593)

CO2 Optics Cleaning Kit (#14-593)

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Product Family Description

  • Cleaning and Handling Supplies for ZnSe Optics
  • Storage Case and Infrared Optics Cleaning Instructions Included
  • Refill Kits and Extra Lens Polish Available

CO2 Laser Optics Cleaning Kits contain supplies for properly cleaning and handling Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) optics, including finger cots, cotton swabs, lens polish, and more. Special care should to be taken when cleaning and handling ZnSe optics because Zinc Selenide is not scratch resistant and is a toxic material. CO2 Laser Optics Cleaning Kits include cleaning and handling procedures that when followed help to prolong the lifetime of ZnSe optics. A cleaning refill kit and extra lens polish are available separately to replenish the consumable cleaning items found in the kit.