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    Focal Length FL (mm)
    Primary Magnification PMAG
    Maximum Sensor Format
    Working Distance (mm)

    Fixed Magnification Lenses

    Fixed Magnification Lenses are used to provide a fixed degree of magnification for imaging applications such as factory inspection or microscopy. Fixed Magnification Lenses are imaging lenses that feature fixed image magnifications. Fixed Magnification Lenses allow small or unclear objects to easily be viewed. Fixed Magnification Lenses are simple, easy-to-use options for imaging applications that do not require multiple image magnifications.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Fixed Magnification Lenses suited for many imaging needs, including a range of fixed magnification microscope objectives. Many Fixed Magnification Lenses feature longer working distances than many other imaging lenses, providing additional versatility when examining specific objects. Fixed Magnification Lenses are ideal for many general imaging needs or in applications that do not require multiple magnifications. Without the need for additional adjustment, these lenses ease system implementation or setup. A wide selection of magnifications is available to fit any number of imaging or image magnification needs.

    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    Compact Objective Assemblies
    • Lightweight Design with Compact Form Factor
    • Configurable Magnification Using Spacers
    • Optimized For Long Working Distances
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    ReflX™ Objectives
    • Industry Leading 24 to 31mm Working Distance
    • EO Designed and Manufactured for Focusing or Imaging Applications
    • Actively Aligned for Optimal Performance
    • Ultra-Wide Spectral Band from 190nm to 11μm with No Chromatic Aberration
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    High Performance ReflX™ Objectives
    • Diffraction Limited Performance: Transmitted Wavefront, RMS: λ/14
    • Streamlined Tapered Design for Added Clearance at 45° AOI
    • Curved Spider Legs to Reduce Diffraction Effects
    • Industry Leading 24 to 31mm Working Distance
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    Adjustable ReflX™ Objectives
    • Units Adjustable for Precision Alignment
    • Various Coating Options Available for Specific Wavelength Ranges
    • Finite Conjugate Design and RMS Threading Integrate Easily in Many Objective Setups

    C-Mount Microscopes
    • Simple C-Mount Connection to Infinity Corrected Objectives
    • Compact Design for Simple Integration Into Systems
    • 2/3” Max Sensor Size
    • 14mm In-line Illumination Port
    • M26 x 0.706 Objective Threading

    EO High Resolution Infinity Corrected Objectives
    • High Resolving Power
    • Long Working Distance
    • Compatible with Mitutoyo Microscopes and Accessories

    InfiniFlex™ HD Compact Lenses
    • Multiple Options Available by Combining Main Bodies and Amplifiers
    • High Light Throughput and Resolution with 0.13 NA
    • Standardized 20mm Working Distance

    InfiniStix™ Imaging Lenses
    • Fixed Magnification Lenses Available with a Variety of Working Distance Options
    • Primary Magnifications Range From 8X (with DL Doubler) to 0.5X
    • Use DL Doubler Tube to Give Twice the Stated Magnification

    InfiniTube™ FM Systems
    • Direct to Video C-Mount for ½" and Smaller Sensor Cameras
    • Internal Focusing

    InfiniTube™ Standard Systems

    Infinity Achrovid™ Microscope Objectives
    • Video-dedicated Microscope Objectives
    • 37mm Working Distances
    • Designed for Use in Conjunction with Other Infinity Products

    InFocus™ Dynamic Optical Focusing Systems
    • Enable Dynamic Optical Focusing and Reduce Spherical Aberration
    • Compatible With All Infinity Corrected Objectives
    • Color Matched for Major Brand Objectives

    Mitutoyo Infinity Corrected Long Working Distance Objectives
    • Long Working Distances
    • Bright Field Inspection
    • High Quality Plan Apochromat Design
    • Flat Image Surface over Entire Field of View

    Nikon CFI60 Infinity Corrected Brightfield Objectives
    • Excellent Color Reproduction
    • Long Working Distance and High NA
    • High Contrast with Minimal Flare
    • Strain Free


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