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55mm FL Partially-Telecentric Imaging Lens

55mm Focal Length Partially Telecentric Video Lens, #52-271

55mm Focal Length Partially Telecentric Video Lens, #52-271

  • Telecentric Lenses Yield Constant Magnification over a Range of Working Distances
  • ±12.5mm of Object Movement Before 1% Error Image Scale Occurs
  • Additional Lens Converter Available

Telecentric lenses yield constant magnification over a range of working distances, virtually eliminating viewing angle error. The 55mm focal length telecentric lens allows ±12.5mm of object movement (at 0.5X magnification) before a 1% error in image scale occurs, while conventional lenses permit typically ±1.7mm of movement under the same conditions. The lens’ protective window (at C-Mount end) needs to be removed for use with adapter lenses.

These lenses are ideal in machine vision applications requiring accurate measurement of three-dimensional objects with slight height variations. By eliminating the perspective distortion and magnification error inherent in conventional lenses, they yield dimensionally accurate images that are easily interpreted by software.

For mounting these lenses, our Industrial Boom Stands and mounting adapters are recommended as workstation platforms. Ring light guides can not be mounted directly on this lens because of the front focusing adjustment.

Technical Information

  Telecentric Specifications Non-Telecentric Specifications
Lens with 2X Converter Lens with 2X Converter Lens with 0.75X Converter
Primary Magnification PMAG 1.0X - 0.4X (full range) 1.0X - 0X 0.375X - 0X
Field of View 6.4 - 16.0mm 6.4mm - 3.3° 17.0 - 8.9°
Working Distance 5.25" - 11.25" 5.25" - ∞ 5" - ∞

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