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C-Mounted Filters

  • Hot or Cold Mirror and Color Dichroic Options Available
  • 4 Standard Female C-Mount Threaded Holes

45° Reflective Dichroic Color Filters

Our Reflective Dichroic Color Filters are designed to be used at a 45° angle of incidence and will reflect either red, blue, or green light while transmitting the remaining visible wavelengths. Edmund Reflective Dichroics boast higher performance and a better quality substrate than other readily available color processing filters. Each filter provides greater than 98% reflection over the specified color range (compared to competitor’s 90%) and greater than 90% transmission of the remaining wavelengths. The λ/4 N-BK7 precision polished substrate will not degrade image quality like similarly functioning filters on unspecified commercial polished substrates.

Hot and Cold Mirrors

Our C-Mounted Hot and Cold Mirrors offer easy integration into systems, allowing the use of standard off-the-shelf c-mount components. Hot mirrors are used to reflect NIR and transmit VIS wavelengths while cold mirrors reflect VIS and transmit NIR wavelengths.

The housing is 50mm H x 38mm W x 38mm D with (4) 1-32 TPI female C-Mount threaded apertures (straight thru-90° angle). Unused openings can be closed with our included aperture lids and the base has a centered ¼-20 tapped hole for easy mounting to a post. Mount without optic also available (#56-265).