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Factory automation is the use of controllers, programming, and sensors to perform repetitive tasks, like inspection, with reduced human oversight. In the past decade, factory automation has become prevalent in the manufacturing sector. Machine vision systems inspect objects and can detect changes in the environment in the same way humans use their eyes to view their surroundings. Fortunately, because it is advancing at such a dramatic rate, machine vision and imaging technologies are driving much of the growth in autonomous manufacturing.

Why Factory Automation?

Pixel count in machine vision cameras sensors and data transfer rates have increased by several orders of magnitude, allowing the capture of extremely high-resolution images. Illumination systems have also become orders of magnitude brighter due to advancements in LEDs. With these technological advancements driving down automation prices and labor prices increasing, the desire to automate processes, manufacturing or otherwise, has sharply increased.

Cost of Automation1

Factory Automation Graph

Optics for Factory Automation

Automation integrators require components like cameras, illumination, and imaging lenses for machine vision systems that are robust for manufacturing environments, but also feature extremely high performance, reliability, and repeatability. Without these components, automation systems are unable to perform quality inspection on products or monitor dangerous environmental parameters, increasing the need for human operators to be placed in potentially hazardous conditions.

Edmund Optics (EO) is a world class optics and photonics manufacturer with over 78 years of experience in optics, design, testing, and manufacturing. Additionally, EO offers a broad selection of versatile and off-the-shelf products, which are continuously updated to support current, relevant challenges for factory automation. Learn more about Edmund Optics and our World-Class Imaging Optics and Manufacturing Capabilities.

Edmund Optics’ Solutions for Factory Automation

Edmund Optics’ Solutions for Factory Automation

Technical Information and Tools


Informative corporate or instructional videos ranging from simple tips to application-based demonstrations of product advantages.


MercuryTL™ Liquid Lens Telecentric Lenses


Imaging Performance of Telecentric Lenses


Ruggedized Imaging Lenses

How an EO Imaging Lens is Made

How an EO Imaging Lens is Made


Application Notes

Technical information and application examples including theoretical explanations, equations, graphical illustrations, and much more.

11 Best Practices for Better Imaging

Chromatic and Monochromatic Optical Aberrations

6 Fundamental Parameters of an Imaging System

From Lens to Sensor: Limitations on Collecting Information

Imaging Electronics 101: Understanding Camera Sensors for Machine Vision Applications

Imaging Lens
Selection Guide

Telecentric Illumination: Why You Need It in Machine Vision Applications

Lens Selection Based on Resolution - Advanced

Ruggedization of
Imaging Lenses

Technical Articles

Links to technical articles appearing in industry publications authored by Edmund Optics or featuring contributions from EO's engineering team and key management.

"Vision & Sensors Lens Selection Guide, Part 1" by Nick Sischka - Quality Vision & Sensors

"Lens Selection Guide, Part 2" by Nick Sischka - Quality Vision & Sensors

"Vision Systems for 3D Measurement Require Care to Ensure Alignment" by Jessica Gehlhar - Industrial Photonics

"The Importance Of Ruggedization For Imaging Lenses" by Daniel Adams - Assemblaggio & Meccatronica

"How To Maximise The Performance Of An Imaging System" by Daniel Adams - Assemblaggio & Meccatronica


Technical calculators based on commonly used and referenced equations in the Optics, Imaging and Photonics industries.

Imaging System Parameter Calculator

Imaging Lens Selector

1951 USAF Resolution Calculator

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1 Tilley, Jonathan. (2020). "Automation, Robotics, and the Factory of the Future." McKinsey & Company, Sept. 2017, www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/operations/our-insights/automation-robotics-and-the-factory-of-the-future.

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