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50 mm Travel, Motorized Linear Stage, Integrated Controller

50mm Travel, Motorized Linear Stage, Integrated Controller, #15-286

50mm Travel, Motorized Linear Stage, Integrated Controller, #15-286

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Type of Movement:
Linear (X)
Guide System:
Crossed Roller Bearing
Type of Drive:
Stepping Motor
Type of Motor:
2-Phase Stepper
Zaber Technologies Inc.
Stage Size (mm):
45 x 188.0
Height (mm):
Travel (mm):
Speed (mm/s):
0.00003 to 26
Accuracy (μm):
20 (Unidirectional)
Resolution (μm):
Parallelism (μm):
Repeatability (μm):
Backlash (μm):
Manual Control/ LED Indicators:
Operating Temperature (°C):
0 - 50
Load Capacity (kg):
Weight (kg):
Power Supply:
Not included, see the Accessories tab for recommended 24 to 48V Power Supply & Tech Info tab for connector information.
Requires a 24-48 VDC power supply and either #15-295 for USB connectivity or #15-297 for RS-232 connectivity. A data cable (#15-296 or #15-299) can be used to daisy chain multiple stages together to control simultaneously.
Computer Interface:
USB with #15-295
RS-232 with #15-297
Maximum Operating Current (mA):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:

Product Family Description

  • High Accuracy, Compact Designs
  • Integrated Motor and Controller
  • Easily Configurable in X-Y or X-Y-Z Configurations
  • Use Top Adapter Plate #68-644 to Mount 70mm TECHSPEC® Stages
  • Power Supply and Data Cable Sold as Separate Accessories

Zaber™ High Precision Motorized Stage Systems are computer-controlled, self-contained linear stages that include a stepper motor and built-in controller. Zaber™ High Precision Motorized Stage Systems can connect directly to a computer’s RS-232 port, while the included software provides an easy method for controlling travel distance or position. Additionally, the manual control potentiometer permits smooth manual movement.

Note: A bottom adapter plate (sold separately) is required for mounting to a standard metric or English breadboard. A 24-48 VDC universal power supply, data cables for daisy chaining, and computer interface cables (USB or RS-232) are sold separately as accessories.