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Variable High Speed Current Amplifier

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Note: This item requires accessories for use |  Learn More
Operating Temperature (°C):
0 to +60
Dimensions (mm):
Case Size: 150 x 55 x 40
Weight (g):
Power Supply:
±15V, +110mA/-90mA (#59-180 not included)
Power Requirement:
±15V, +110 mA/-90 mA
Transimpedance Gain (Ω):
102 - 108 (adjustable in decade steps)
Input Current Noise (fA/√Hz):
See datasheet
Bias Voltage:
Adjustable by trimpot or external control voltage
Offset Adjustment:
Adjustable by external control voltage
Bandwidth (-3 db):
200MHz max.
Remote Control:

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Convert Small Currents to Usable Voltages
  • Variable Gain
  • High Speed and Low Noise Designs

Current Amplifier Modules are current-to-voltage conversion devices used to amplify a small current from a photodiode or photomultiplier with very low noise. Low Noise and High Speed amplifiers are available with variable gain functionalities. The Low Noise amplifier is a two stage, low-noise amplifier with switchable AC/DC coupling, adjustable bias voltage offset, and a 10Hz lowpass filter. The High Speed model also features AC/DC coupling in addition to an adjustable offset for baseline correction, adjustable bias for use with fast photodiodes, and a switchable 10MHz and 1MHz low pass filters.

Note: #59-178 and #59-179 require specified power supplies.